“​The more you can increase fear of drugs, crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all of the people”

 In the light of this statement quoted by the  renowned scholar, Noam Chomsky, we repost his opinion about the policy of fear pursued by Donald Trump throughout the presidential campaign and after the results.

On last February Chomsky had an interview with Alternet and said he believes that the rise of Donald Trump’s popularity as a presidential contender and his triumph are due to both a “climate of fear” and the “breakdown of society.”

Chomsky was asked if he thought the “surprising progress” of the GOP frontrunner could “be explained by a climate of fear.” He acknowledged that fear was a large part of the billionaire hatemonger’s popularity, but said he thought it was more than just fear alone. In Chomsky’s educated opinion, the “breakdown of society” also played a large role in propelling the Hitler wannabe to the front of the GOP pack.

ChomskyFear, along with the breakdown of society during the neoliberal period. People feel isolated, helpless, victim of powerful forces that they do not understand and cannot influence. It’s interesting to compare the situation in the ‘30s, which I’m old enough to remember. Objectively, poverty and suffering were far greater. But even among poor working people and the unemployed, there was a sense of hope that is lacking now, in large part because of the growth of a militant labor movement and also the existence of political organizations outside the mainstream.

by: @sam_jamry